Speaking for you.

I could speak
for the knees that hit the ground
for the hands that are tied and made limp
for the mouths that bleed
and cheeks that grow wet

I could declare war
on the fists and words
that make us low;
I could decry your viciousness,
your greed
and your thousand
dirt-marked palms

My voices are within me,
damp, starved prisoners
crouching inside me
My songs lace tightly over my tongue
like my latticed fingers
this power waltzes
through my hands
flickering over my keyboard

In softly rustling rhymes
I will condemn you;
in scribbled shouts
letters that point their fingers;

I will forgive you with a hush

For you, too,  
huddled and fear-blistered,
I can only tap out
this unsubtle Morse code 
more a prayer 
than a message to you

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