Prose: A question.

Would anyone be interested in reading this?

“For as long as she had been a part of the Academy, Lucy had heard rumors of the people in the forest. It was completely absurd – nobody would live in the forest. There were no police out there, no security. You’d be gobbled up by animals or die of starvation. Still, there were some nights when she thought she heard a voice, soft and low, humming in the distance. She brushed it off – she was far too busy to be bothered with whispers in the trees.”
“’It seems word of your studies has reached beyond the walls of our Academy here. Madame has contacts at the Scholum Carmeni; she passed a sample of your repertoire along to some of the professors there. If you can pass the rest of the academic requirements, the Scholum would like to have you down for an audition.’ Lucy’s jaw nearly dropped, save for her well-trained etiquette.”
“‘I was ill today, couldn’t go to class. Stupid Protocol – it’s only cramps, it’s not like they’re going to ever go away.’ Lucy frowned in return at her roommate as she tore open the envelope the headmaster had given her.

‘Don’t talk so, Casey, you know they are only trying to protect you.  It’s better not to take chances.’ Casey huffed irritably.

‘Still – I’ve had such high grades in every subject, but they’ll still only let me take one Advanced course in my Transcription curriculum. And even with that, they still need me to take all these med exams and psych exams; it’s almost more harrowing to go through all of this than to deal with cramping once a month.’ But Lucy wasn’t really listening; she was focused on the letter she had just opened.”
Any interest in reading bits of this here?

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