Rabbit Learning to Run

I would give my tongue
to be a thing born of fire,
dynamic and fluid and all but a dream;
untouchable and free.

I would give my hands
to wash my face in the night sky again –
to let the stars run down my cheeks,
stinging white tears to scour the skin clean;
the ice black soothing the trails they will leave.

If that is what it takes,
then that is what I’ll do;
forsake all my freedom
to remove myself from you;
your voice in my head,
your hands on my face,
your venom in my veins.
I am bound and barred
by your long-dead deeds,
tied up by your saccharine tongue.

And lo, I must excuse myself
while I pick up the pieces
rusting to the floor,
marked at the edges by
soft smudges of red.

I would give my life
to gouge you from my eyes;
to sear the crying out with starlight,
burn your venom out
with the milk of the moon
but I’m no fucking astronaut.

I drown myself in dreams,
just to take one footstep
though far away from you.

October 2008


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