Inspiration #3:

Right before I left for vacation, I saw that a number of my friends had signed up for The premise is simple: write 750 words every day at this website. It tracks your words and then you have a private record of everything you’ve been writing. It also has neat little graphs and statistics to show you all sorts of random information about what you’ve written to date. It intrigued me, but I felt like it wouldn’t be useful for me and my writing goals. My goal is, after all, to write 144 poems. Usually, poetry doesn’t add up to be 750 words, unless your name is Homer and you’re re-writing the Odyssey. I was about to go to Disney anyway, so I gave myself a few days to think on whether it would be a worthwhile endeavor. When I came home, I signed right up and proceeded to write 750 words over the course of four hours – apparently only 30 minutes of that were actual writing. I got interrupted for dinner and to do this or that and I felt kind of peculiar about it. The next day, I sat down and banged out 750 words in 20 minutes. It felt absolutely wonderful. What shocked me is how quickly it became useful. The first day on the site, I scratched out a haiku. The second, a small poem about nothing in particular. The third day, a whole blog post. The fourth? That’s today, so I guess it’s working out pretty well. Anyway, I highly recommend checking this website out if you need to force yourself to write every day. It’s got great features, and it’s unbelievably simple. I love it!


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